American Top Team Performance Training (ATTPT)

This program is geared towards the serious minded youth and high school athlete, whose looking to get an edge in their sport, through a structured strength and conditioning training program.

We will focus on two age groups: 9-12 and 13-17.
This unique program will begin on Monday, March 11th and end on May 3rd. A total of 8 weeks of training, 3x per week (M-W-F).

The program will be supervised and run by ATT Pro Coach Phil Daru, along with Sports Nutritionist and Strength Coach Jose Rojas. We’ve had tremendous success in helping our pro athletes become champions, now we look to pass that same knowledge and training on to the youth and high school athlete.

Program Fee: Special Introductory rate of $499, if athlete joins prior to Feb. 28th. Rate will go to $599 after the Feb. 28th deadline. 
Time: Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays 4;30 – 5;30pm (1 hour) 

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Quick Bio – Coach Phil Daru

•Sports Medicine and Exercise Science Degree from Alabama State University
•Certified Functional Movement Specialist (FMS)
•Certified ACE Instructor
•Former Division 1 football player
•Awarded S&C coach of the year 2012-2013
•Trains numerous top UFC, Bellator and PFL fighters

Quick Bio – Coach Jose Rojas

•Sports Nutritionist – CISSN
•Strength & Conditioning Coach – CSCS
•Sports Injury Specialist – SIS
•Children’s Sports Nutritionist – CSN
•B.S.Exercise and Sports Science
•Donates time to work with youth athletes at the PAL

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Program 

What is ATT Performance Training (ATT-PT)?

ATT-PT is a strength and conditioning program focused on building a strong foundation for various athletic demands. Our program was created to maximize the performance of athletes through proper training, mobility and injury prevention.

What is the ATT-PT philosophy?

Strong Foundation Today, Optimum Performance Tomorrow.

Who is this program geared towards?

Our program is for focused youth athletes, ages 9-17.

What can my athlete expect in an ATT-PT session?

A systematic approach to training for optimal performance progression.

Will ATT-PT work for my athlete?

Yes. This is not a generic work out, but a systematic approach to training, specific to your athlete.

Will my athlete be lifting weights?

Yes. External weight is important in development, even more so in the sense of bone mineral density. Building a strong base with external weight will help develop the athlete’s body to meet the demands of the sport and reduce the chance of injury. Athletes will also learn correct form and posture throughout all lifts.

How many athletes train together?

Athletes are grouped by age in no more than 6 to a group.

I am interested, but my athlete is in-season? Can he/she still take part?

Yes. In season strength & conditioning is important for proper adaptations and/ or maintaining performance as per the demands of the sport.

I am worried that my athlete is going to be sore.

Soreness may be part of the stimulus placed on the body to achieve an adaptation. At no point will we overreach or over train the athlete. Competition is always taken into consideration as to not affect the athlete’s performance when it is time to compete.

Have you worked with youth athletes before?

Yes, we’ve worked with youth athletes for 11 years.

Which of the following will be covered in the ATT-PT program?

Performance Training is an umbrella term, which includes all the aspects of performance mentioned below.
All aspects of performance will be addressed as per the athlete’s progression.

  • Injury Prevention
  • Resistance Training
  • Speed & Agility
  • Aerobic Conditioning
  • Functional Training
  • Plyometrics
  • Core Development
  • Bodyweight Exercises
  • Balance
  • Flexibility / Mobility