“I was sold on ATT the minute I met Liborio. I had no idea as to who he was or what he had accomplished, but I could see the passion for teaching and love for children when he spoke about the school and I was sold. Once my boys started the program, I did more research, and I was amazed to see that they were being taught by not one, or two, but three world champions and that every day they were meeting people who were, quite literally, the best at what they did. I cant imagine there is another place in America (the world) that is so full of talent, and I could see the impact upon my boys immediately. The great part is, not only were they better physically and mentally, I expected that from any martial arts, but they were also better people. That is what really makes ATT different in my mind. I can go on forever likening Liborio to Michael Jordan, or bragging of the 21 black belts on staff. Its great to see guys on TV every time there is an event, and its not hard to make a case that ATT is the best MMA team on the planet. Ultimately, thats not what makes ATT great. My family loves ATT because it is exactly that, a family, a place full of people who we respect and care for. We came to join a gym, but what we found was a home.”
Dan Pearce


“August 24, 2006 Dear Mr. Liborio and Mr. Guerriero, As an international conflict management consultant, certified law enforcement officer, and university professor with over 20 years in the field of crisis prevention and personal protection, I have visited and trained in many martial arts schools throughout the United States. Many of these schools offered good techniques but had instructors who were more concerned with their own egos and profits rather than the growth and development of their students. Other schools had instructors with positive attitudes but taught techniques that were seldom practical or realistic. In April of 2006, my sons Eric (13) and Joe (11) expressed an interest in studying martial arts. I knew I wanted to locate a mixed martial arts school but was unsure where to go. When I researched the opinions of defensive tactics experts throughout the South Florida law enforcement community and the Broward Community College Police Academy, one name kept coming up: AMERICAN TOP TEAM. When I found out that the school had a world-class reputation and was only fifteen minutes from my house, I was even more intrigued. As someone very much used to the hard-sell, 3-year contract belt factory approach so common to many martial arts facilities, I was amazed to find the complete opposite. The ATT staff was welcoming from the moment we entered the school, giving us a tour, allowing us to bring friends and family to watch classes at anytime, and all with zero sales pressure. Each of the students and parents we talked to were enthusiastic and had nothing but praise for every aspect of the school. We sensed the same positive energy and signed up the next day. Since joining the school, we have found each of the highly qualified instructors to be extremely friendly, caring, and dedicated to excellence in teaching students of all ages and ability levels. In only a few short months of both group classes and private lessons with Brazilian Jujitsu expert Emyr Shark Bussade, Eric and Joe have developed superb self-defense skills and fitness levels and have gained increased confidence and poise, which has carried forward into all aspects of their life, both within their school and community. In addition, my group and private boxing classes with former world champion Coach Howard Davis, Jr. continue to push my own fitness and skills to levels far beyond what I ever expected and, again, in just a few short months. In addition, this training has been instrumental in the development of my own confidence levels when dealing with potential threats to officer safety. In short, the entire American Top Team staff of instructors and support personnel deserves tremendous recognition and praise. It is refreshing to see a school that is not only the best of the best in its representation of its professional fighters, but makes even the absolute beginner feel like a true champion. Respectfully submitted, Dr. Andrew J. Edelman President, Dr. Andrew J. Edelman and Associates Inc. Criminal Justice Professor, University of Phoenix South Florida Campus Reserve Officer, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, South Region”
Dr. Andrew J. Edelman


“To those interested in joining a top notch martial arts team: My young daughters have been a part of American Top Team for a little over a year and have had a great experience. From the moment we entered the gym for the first time we were greeted with a friendly caring staff. The very first day was a bit nerve racking for my little ones, however, by the end of the class I knew I had made the right choice. The instructors acknowledged the new students and went well out of their way to make them feel at home. They truly treat my children as if they were their own and continuously strive to make them improve. Aside from the instructors being extremely experienced and accomplished, they take a genuine interest in the progress of their students. I dont know of anywhere that offers this level of instruction to children. They have even traveled several hundred miles to coach my daughters during competitions. The staff places a strong emphasis on training, safety and most importantly education. The American Top Team Staff has taken the time to review report cards, check on their academic progress and positively reinforce good work. I have seen my daughters level of confidence improve and they have learned the importance of respect. When my daughters first signed up I wanted them to be able to defend themselves if they ever had to. I had no idea they would enjoy the competitive side of the arts and belong to a team that they believe in.”
Parents Luis and Blanca Alvarez


“To the guys at the American Top Team,
I just wanted to say thanks for all the excellent training we received while visiting your facility. All the instructors showed a vast amount of knowledge and were more than willing to work with us at any level. I believe our team was most impressed with the professionalism and kindness we were shown while there. Since we travel extensively throughout the continental United States we try to train when we can but not every place is as open as we found the Top Team to be.
In the line of work we perform, any chance we get to sharpen our combative skills is always seized upon. The mindset is to always stay one step ahead of the enemy. Adding to the fighting aspect, conditioning is equally as important and we got more than our share of that as well. Our team left better skilled, very sore, and very tired. That is what we were seeking.
To all the instructors we were fortunate enough to work with Marcel, Renato, Emyr, Rafael, Christian, and anyone I did not mention thanks for all the patience and work. To Ricardo thanks for letting us in and making us feel welcome. To Richie thanks for all the correspondence, logistics, and everything else it took to get a group of government guys the chance to train.
I hope we get the chance to visit again.

Richie Carter
Federal Agent
Agent Operations Eastern Command

Richie Carter – Federal Agent – Agent Operations Eastern Command – NNSA


To everyone at American Top Team,

I wanted to thank you for an awesome experience this week during the Champions Training Camp.  I want to thank Master Liborio for opening up his doors and providing a great environment for learning.  Renato is a great instructor and a great guy.  I would recommend him for anyone looking for a good seminar.  He has a lot of knowledge to share.

As a fan of the sport, it was awesome to see some of stars of the sport while they are training.  I appreciate the chance to witness guys like Marcus Aurelio, James Thompson, Thiago Alves, JZ Cavalcante, Charles McCarthy, Aaron Riley, and many other pros as they trained.  They were all super nice and allowed us a chance to talk to them and take pictures with them.
The facility at ATT is extremely nice and perfect for anyone wanting to up their game.  Renato scheduled us a time for Muay Thai instruction under Christian which was great.  We also had the chance to train with the 1976 Olympic boxing gold medalist Howard Davis.

Again thank you for the opportunity to train with you.  Thanks for the hospitality.  Everyone was extremely friendly and supportive.  I recommend this camp to anyone.  I hope I have the opportunity to return.

Steve Whatley
Albany, GA

Training Camp Testimonial Steve Watley Albany, Georgia


“To the guys at American Top Team,

We just want to thank you for the great experience that us and our boys have been having over the past year. Both us and our boys were looking for a place to workout, train and box. We heard that Oympic Gold medalists, Howard Davis Jr. had boxing classes there, and we had to have our families join. What we found when we got there was the World’s greatest MMA/Jiu-Jitsu training facility. Being fans of the sport we immediately saw faces from T.V. After meeting Liborio he suggested the boys try MMA, which they love. From the second we joined the gym we were treated like family from all the staff. The boys now train in boxing and Jiu-Jitsu, while we workout. The attention that is given to our boys from the instructors is none like we have ever seen.

Growing up in the amateur boxing world I have been around many gyms and training facilities. I have never seen a higher level of instructors, from Shark, Edson, Chris and Mike, they all give the boys the special individual attention that they need. Not to mention how great Howard has been with the kids. Liborio invited us to an AFC event, which he gave us tickets for. After getting there he gave each of our kids free ATT shirts and took them backstage. ATT dominated the event, for the boys to see their instructors dominate the event was fantastic. Liborio made us feel like we were American Top Team. After doing some research and finding out the legend that Liborio is, we are really impressed with the attention that he gives our families. The boys have even competed in a submission grappling tournament in which they did very well. We are so happy that we found American Top Team, it has become a second home to us. Thank you guys!!

The Rothschild and Martello Family


“Richie, Just a quick email to say I got back OK, and to say a big thank you to you and all the guys at ATT for their hospitality and mat time. The training was awesome, despite mother natures attempts to thwart it!, I think I learnt more last week than I have in the last six months of training!! I would really like to come out and train at ATT again in the future if possible, next time I will certainly stay much longer. Thanks again to everyone at ATT for the awesome training and making me feel at home. See you again, Mark C.”
Mark C. UK – Training Camp


“I just wanted to write an e-mail to compliment ATT on an outstanding program. I’ve been a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for approx. 3 yrs. I wanted to get my two sons, ages 6 and 10, involved in jiu-jitsu as well. Due to obligations such as marriage, my job as a law enforcement officer and owning my own home I wanted to find a school for my sons that was close to home. In my hectic life the last thing I wanted to do was add long distance driving into the mix. However being the perfectionist that I am I couldn’t find anything close to home that was up to my standards. I started to teach my eldest son jiu-jitsu in my garage as I have mats. But due to the size difference and other factors this just wasn’t feasible. He needed other kids his age to grapple with and help build social skills. I started taking both my sons to American Top Team. The drive is a 1/2 hour without traffic but I would drive an hour after I saw the positive changes in my boys. The facility is enormous with plenty of mat space. Ricardo Liborio is the leader of the school and in charge of the kids program. Besides being a legend in Brazil for his technical abilities in jiu-jitsu the man is phenomenal with kids. Awesome instructor my kids love the program. He has more patience than Job ( from the Bible ). My son has competed in numerous tournaments and won several. He loves going to the school and has made alot of friends. Ricardo Liborio demands that all students get good grades and behave in school. Both my boys have shown improvement in school because they don’t want to disappoint Ricardo Liborio. I don’t know of many facilities that have 20 black belts on staff and an Olympic Gold medalist ( Howard Davis Jr. ) that teaches the boxing program. This school has produced pro fighters that have appeared in all the major fight organizations in the world including UFC and Pride. I couldn’t be happier for my kids as well as myself ( I have a lot of great training partners ). Thank you ATT and Ricardo Liborio keep up the great work.”
Ben Guerriero – Broward Sheriff Office Deputy


“My son is involved in just about every sport or activity you can name. They of course all have been fun and positive for him, but none can compare to what he has acquired from his time at American Top Team (ATT). ATT not only provided my son the opportunity to further develop physical skills like any other sport, but it has also increased his self-confidence, self-discipline, patience, friendships and understanding. In the short time he has been training I have seen a great growth of good character in my son. I cannot pin point it to just one reason why our experience at ATT has been so positive. I think they have a great equation in play; the instructors, the students, their families, and everyone that is involved. Over all it is a great combination that gave me the confidence as a parent to know I was doing a positive thing for my son, even more than what I expected. The instructors are amazing. Somehow they manage to keep the kids focused while having fun at the same time. As a spectator parent I also feel positive about my experience. The other families and staff are very easy going and amicable. I feel like I have a new extended family. In conclusion ATT has provided an additional learning environment, different from the academic classroom, but just as valuable to a child, his community, and his future. Thank you American Top Team!”
Desiree Diaz Mother of Preston


“Six years ago the American Top Team invited me into their fold and it is a decision that literally changed my life. With the level of instruction i received in boxing, wrestling, and jiujitsu i was able to transform my game to become one of the best heavyweight fighters in mma today as well as to win the abu dhabi grappling world championship. In addition I was able to train with countless blackbelts and some of the top fighters in the world on a daily basis. But more importantly I became part of a family. I had many setbacks early on, including losing several fights and tearing my bicep which sidelined me for almost a year. However, the instructors, fighters, and students of the ATT family stuck by me and showed they were genuinely concerned with my well-being as a person as well as a fighter. They believed in me and pushed me to be the best I could be. I can honestly say that my dedication and work ethic to win can only be matched by ATT’s commitment to me and every member of its family.”
Jeff Snowman Monson – UFC Heavyweight Contender – 2x ADCC Champion – Submission Grappler of the Year


“As an Olympian and a well accomplished grappler, to say that Ive traveled the world would be a serious understatement. I’ve practically been everywhere and in harmony with that, I’ve trained with an enormous amount of people. And from my travels and experiences there are a few people that stick out in my mind as being exceptional and then there’s Ricardo Liborio – who in my opinion is an anomaly. His grappling style is unreal and his ability to breakdown moves and teach them is incredible. In my opinion – HE IS WITHOUT A DOUBT the best person that I’ve rolled with on the mat EVER!! When I rolled with Liborio, he made me feel like a beginner all over again, but the great thing about him is, that after you’re finished – he still lets you know that you are a Champ! I’m glad to be a member of the American Top Team and Ricardo Liborio is a major reason why. One day, I swear, I’m gonna pass his guard!”
Rhadi Ferguson, M.A.T.,CSCS 2004 Olympian, 4-Time National Judo Champion


“American Top Team is without a doubt the choice for any legitimate competitor with an option. Training under the tutelage of Master Ricardo Liborio along with the swarm of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belts and World Champion boxers and kick boxers is without a doubt the best thing I could have done for my career. Not only do I feel my skills have greatly improved, I also feel part of a family who cares more about my well being and my interests than my fighting record alone. I would recommend American Top Team to any man woman or child interested in any of the martial arts”
Charles McCarthy – UFC Veteran TUF 4 cast member


“The American Top Team training facility in Coconut Creek is the pinnacle of all training facilities. One of the most impressive aspects is that a beginner, fresh off of the street will benefit from the training and education just as the best fighter in the world would. Additionally, each and every individual student is treated like family from the moment they step foot through the door. The combination of knowledge and advanced training techniques from the instructors and the courtesy of the staff puts the training here in a class of its own.”
Din Thomas UFC Veteran, TUF Cast Member, School Owner


“American Top Team offers the absolute complete package for martial arts and fitness. From beginner to advanced, ATT offers training in many different martial arts with high quality instruction. The facility is spectacular while the environment is incredible. Men, women, and children of all ages should immerse themselves in the positive and energetic atmosphere that American Top Team has to offer.”
Dustin Denes – Professional Fighter, BJJ Black belt


“Dear Richie, When I first took my nine-year-old son Josiah to American Top Team, it was out of curiosity. On our way home one evening, we drove by and saw the boxing rings through the windows. It was after hours and the gym was closed, but Carlos allowed us to come in and let my son shadowbox in the ring. It was then that I found out that Howard Davis was the boxing coach. Me being a huge boxing fan, I was excited about the opportunity to meet him in person and enthralled about the idea of having an Olympic gold medalist coach my son. After a few months of Howard coaching my son, I came to know him as a great boxing coach and as a friend. But as my son’s attention shifted from boxing to all of the fun the younger kids were having in the far end of the gym, I told him that I didn’t know anything about this stuff called Jiu Jitsu, and I couldn’t be an active coach with this as I was with the boxing, as BJJ was Greek to me. After a month, I began to do some research about some of the men who were training my son. I am a very protective father and very careful who I allow to work closely with him. Not only were these men kind, gentle, and caring, but almost too much – and you just can’t be too careful in this world. After researching, not only did I find out these were good men, but some of the baddest dudes walking the planet, with titles ranging from Greatest Grapplers & BJJ Fighters in the World to UFC contenders, and Abu Dhabi champions. I was blown away at the gentleness of these very trained, very disciplined men. I raise all four of my children in the teaching of the Bible and of our Lord Jesus Christ. I try to teach them that discipline and strength go hand in hand with honor. We home school our children and have found the rewards to be incalculable. I didn’t know how he would do in an environment with such a diverse group of kids. Our son has always been well-adjusted, temperate, patient and kind – never has given us any problems and has been a model child for us. But I want you to know that since he has been training at ATT, he has been a blooming flower and has become confident, strong, respectful, and obedient beyond what we had ever hoped or dreamed. ATT has for us, truly been a godsend. We are now and forever will remain ATT for Life. Thank you so much for being faithful to your calling in life and may the blessings of our King Jesus continually be with you all.”
Rian Gittman and Family


“Master Liborio,   I just wanted to thank you again for the outstanding training and hospitality you and all your coaches and athletes showed us at the American Top Team certification. From the moment I walked thru the door I felt like I had walked into the home of a friend.  Your wonderful spirit showed from the first time you greeted us thanking us for coming.   However, it is us, the students who should be forever be grateful to you for sharing your extensive knowledge and working so hard to put it into a form that can be so easily understood.   We just completed our first lesson with the Texas Top Team group and we could not have had a better response for it.  The guys were like sharks in a feeding frenzy wanting to know every detail of every move and the class nearly taught itself.  Every time someone had a question the answer was in the next part of the drills.   I started martial arts training at 22 years old and in the past twenty years I have never met an instructor so giving and truly family oriented.  I also would like to send thanks to Roger Krahl, Primo, and Lorenzo for the extra help.  God bless you all and again, thank you for sharing your knowledge.  We will do our best to be deserving of the honor you have given us.   Sincerely,   CLIFF PALERMO

Level 1 MMA Certification Testimonial